Business, honeymoon or vacation, Zermatt is the city of activity, beauty and solitude. Anything you may want on a visit to Switzerland, you’ll find it right here. The variety of Zermatt hotels is plentiful for any budget. The concierge at any of the establishments will be able to guide you to the activity or dining that suits your desires and tastes. 

From cheese to chocolate, Switzerland is known to have the best and Zermatt is in the center of all the places you’ll find both. A small town on top of a mountain, the day can be spent on Matterhorn ski lifts and mountains and the evenings spent dining. Or spend the day touring the many monuments and museums to end the day in a quaint restaurant with delicious foods and wine.

A Day of Matterhorn Skiing Should End with an Unusual Main Dish

Beyond the cheeses, beyond the chocolates, Switzerland has some of the most unique, unusual and mouthwatering dishes you’ll find anywhere. After a day spent on a Matterhorn ski trip from atop of Zermatt and you’ll have an appetite worked up. The places to find some of the unique, signature dishes Switzerland is known for are plenty. You won’t leave Zermatt hungry no matter what your preferred tastes are.

An Atmosphere That Is Just As Unique As The Foods  

Not only to the Zermatt restaurants offer unique dishes, but they each have their own unique atmosphere too. Downtown Zermatt has the some of the finest dining establishments you’ll ever visit and others are the more casual and laid back style. Either way, you’ll find food that isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Some of the Zermatt hotels have in-house dining as well if you aren’t up for going out, but don’t let safety be what keeps you in your hotel. The crime rate is low here which is why many families come to Switzerland for vacations.  

Keep Your Vacation Busy With The Many Festivals That Await You In Zermatt

Whether you’re on a business trip, your honeymoon or you’ve brought the family, there are great times to be had in Zermatt Switzerland. This is a geographically small area that is chocked-full of festivals at any given time of the year. The life in this small mountain town is alive and full of excitement for every age.

Four of the most popular festivals embody the spirit of Zermatt:

The Folklore Festival has been held for over 40 years and allows the tourists to experience Switzerland like they hear and read about. From dancing and yodelers with food aplenty, there is a time to be had here by all.  Or perhaps the Swiss Food Festival would be more in line for your interest and will definitely be in line to fill your tummy. Here you can try all the foods that you’ve heard about and never had the chance.

In addition to being known for chocolate and cheese, Switzerland is known for herding sheep as well. Experience this at the Shepherd Festival where all of Zermatt is bustling with these animals and the herders that keep them moving. The Zermatt Festival is an experience you won’t want to miss either while staying in Zermatt hotels. All forms of art and music are there for your enjoyment from the highest peak to the valleys below.