Zermatt is located near the Switzerland border with Italy at the foot of the Matterhorn. Zermatt is a gorgeous resort town that offers some of the best skiing in Switzerland.  Zermatt has almost 300 sunny days each year; therefore, the skiing slopes are usually open for visitors to enjoy most of the year. The climate and weather are only surpassed by the breathtaking and stunning views of the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps that surround Zermatt.  Since 1947, no vehicles with a combustion engine have been allowed within the city – – only electric cars are permitted in Zermatt.  This means that the air quality is clear, dry and clean.  However, because visitors are not allowed to bring cars into Zermatt, they must use other forms of transportation to reach Zermatt.

How to get to Zermatt?

The easiest way to reach Zermatt is by riding the train.  If you are flying into Switzerland, you will likely arrive in Geneva or Zurich.  From there, you can board a train on the Swiss Rail network that will take you to Zermatt.  The Swiss Rail network is one of the most convenient and popular ways to travel in Switzerland.  You can relax and enjoy the stunning views as the train winds its way through the beautiful landscape.  You will need to make a connection in either Brig or Visp depending on whether or not you are traveling from the east or the west.  You will connect with a quant cogwheel train for a 60-minute trip up the valley to Zermatt.  Many visitors think this is the best part of the trip to Zermatt.  If you drive, you can only go as far as Täsch where you will need to board the train to Zermatt or take a taxi. Taking a taxi may be preferred as you can simply load luggage from the car to the taxi; however, the train ride is an experience many people remember and treasure.

When you arrive in Zermatt, you could probably walk to most places, as it is a small town; however, most hotels provide transportation by electric taxi or a horse-drawn sleigh.  If you do not have reservations prior to arriving (this is not advised during high season), you can use the service at the train station to help you locate accommodations.  The horse-drawn sleighs are fun to ride and drivers often provide interesting facts and tidbits about Zermatt and its rich history.