Zermatt Attractions

There is no doubt that the one thing in Zermatt that is on everyone’s list of attractions to see is the Matterhorn, as are the rest of the Swiss Alps for that matter. There are numerous other attractions worth seeing in Zermatt as well. The attractions that bring thousands of visitors to Zermatt every year fall into multiple different categories. Zermatt is a place that is simply that diverse and that wonderful. You do not want to be left out in the dark in regards to the amazing attractions in Zermatt.

Many of the attractions have to do with nature and the breathtaking natural surroundings in Zermatt. There are multiple mountain peaks in addition to the Matterhorn that are well worth visiting, even if not for skiing or to participate in other winter sports. There are also a number of trains that travel through Zermatt. No vehicles allowed in the town, at least not unless they run on battery. This is an attempt on the part of the town to keep pollution out of the town in order to always be able to enjoy the spectacular views of the Matterhorn.

The trains themselves that will take you to and from Zermatt are something to see, as they are not like trains you will find in westernized countries. They offer great views of the entire town and everything in it. In addition to all of this, there are also a number of attractions that are less about nature and more about fun, so there is plenty of variety for visitors to Zermatt Switzerland. A guide to some of the most loved Zermatt attractions will help you to make sure that you don’t miss anything while you are visiting.

Natural Attractions – Natural attractions abound in Zermatt, which is why most people go there. A trip to Zermatt is not complete without taking time to see at least some of these. And no matter what time of year you visit there will be some spectacular natural attraction to see. A few in particular tend to get the most attention from those visiting.

  • The Matterhorn – Of course the Matterhorn is the number one attraction in Zermatt. Many people think that the Matterhorn is only a sight to see for world-class skiers, but this is hardly the case. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of the snow-capped mountain peak. It is even more spectacular when you get as close as possible to the Matterhorn. Fortunately, there are a number of different excursions that will take you there, depending on what time of year you are visiting Zermatt.
  • Theodul Pass – Theodul Pass is a top attraction for those that stay in Zermatt as well. It is a rather famous part of the Alps that connects Zermatt, Switzerland and Breuil-Cervinia, Italy. For years people have been passing through by way of Theodul Pass in order to get between the Matterhorn and the Breithorn. The first person to do so did so as far back as 1965. Since then it has been a very popular part of the Alps, and its easily accessible from Zermatt.
  • Forest Fun Park – The Forest Fun Park is a unique attraction unlike any you will find in most places. This attraction is perfect for those that have children in tow. There are courses that offer a challenge for adults as well, but there are also courses that are ideal for fairly small children too. The Forest Fun Park is essentially a huge outdoor park that sits in the trees. It is quite the adventure to go through the course and one that you and your kids will remember forever.

Unique Attractions – Every great tourist destination has its own unique attractions that are unlike those found elsewhere. It is these attractions that make certain places worth going to, and there are a couple worth seeing in Zermatt.

  • Glacier Palace – The Glacier Palace is situated near the top of the Matterhorn. It is the highest up palace of its kind. Visitors can walk through a long tunnel well beneath the surface of the glacier itself. Throughout the tour there are magical ice sculptures that will take your breath away. Many first time visitors to Zermatt might not know about the Glacier Palace when they are planning a trip there. Once they find out about it, it is an attraction that they can’t help but visit every time they take a trip there.
  • Mountaineers’ Cemetery – Another unusual attraction that is well worth seeing when you visit Zermatt. Especially if you are interested in Zermatt culture, is the Mountaineers’ Cemetery. It may seem like a bit of a morbid attraction, but it is actually a testament and memorial to the bravery of so many climbers that have attempted the Matterhorn. After all, if it wasn’t for those brave souls that attempted new heights first, there would not be so many people enjoying the challenge today.

Educational Attractions – Finally, no trip is complete without a few educational attractions on the itinerary too. Whether you are traveling alone or with your children, there is always room for learning about other cultures. There are two individual museums in Zermatt that can teach you about both Zermatt culture and Swiss culture in general.

  • Matterhorn Museum – The Matterhorn Museum in Zermatt is actually much more than a museum. It is not simply a small exhibit set up in a tiny little building. Instead, the Matterhorn Museum consists of a small village, with 14 different buildings, each with something to teach visitors. The buildings consist of a hotel, a church, and a number of granaries and huts. The village is made to look like an old mountain village.The unique thing about the Matterhorn Museum is that it sits completely underground, due to the limited space in the real village. This is a must-see when you are in Zermatt visiting.
  • Alpine Museum – The Alpine Museum also has much to offer as well. It focuses on the Alps specifically, it also features exhibits having to do with Zermatt as well. In this museum the long list of popular Alpine sports is also focused on. So this is definitely a must-see attraction for sports lovers. In addition, there are a number of “mountaineer life” exhibits as well, which offer an amazing educational experience. If you want to learn about Zermatt then this is one of the attractions you have to see.

Zermatt is a small town and the biggest attraction is no doubt the Matterhorn, but you would be surprised at how much more there is to do. By doing a little bit of it all you will be taking full advantage of an amazing place to see.