Zermatt Ski Lifts

There are a lot of reasons to visit Zermatt, to be sure, but it goes without saying that the number one reason to visit is to ski the magnificent Swiss Alps and the famous Matterhorn. In fact, Zermatt is considered one of the top ski resort towns in the world, so you can imagine the levels that the town goes to in order to accommodate ski enthusiasts and other winter sport lovers. Most Zermatt hotels are designed with the winter sport lover in mind, with spectacular views of the mountains on which they plan to spend most of their time, warm fireplaces to cozy up next to, and plenty of information on everything ski and winter sport related. With the town being so focused on skiing and other winter sports and the tourism that comes along with being home to such a popular mountain, it goes without saying that there are a lot of options for visitors.

Visitors have a number of different slopes to choose from, and as a result there is also numerous ski lifts to choose from as well. Having choices is definitely not something to complain about, but with so many choices choosing just one can be difficult, especially when you do not know a lot about any of the options. This is why you can benefit from knowing where all the ski lifts are before you go to Zermatt for your winter sport vacation.

There are well over fifty different ski lifts that carry skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sport lovers to one of the areas featuring part of the more than 150 miles of trails that make up the Zermatt area. While very few of the ski areas are designed for beginners, it is worth the trip simply for the view if you have no other reason to go. For those that are seasoned skiers though, the sheer number of lifts and pistes, in addition to the views that serve as the backdrop for them, are a dream come true. And a list of a few of the best will help to get you thinking about where you want to ski when you are visiting Zermatt, so you can spend more time when you are there actually doing it.

Ski Lifts and Pistes in the Matterhorn Area

Everybody who goes to Zermatt to ski, or to Breuil-Cervinia for that matter, wants to ski the Matterhorn. As you can likely already guess, this is the area that has the most ski lifts running to it. The following lifts will take you to this area:

  • Zermatt – Furi
  • Furi – Trockener Steg
  • Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
  • Furi – Riffelberg
  • Furi – Schwarzsee
  • Furgg – Schwarzsee
  • Furgg – Trockener Steg
  • Furggsattel Gletscherbahn
  • Furgg – Sandiger Boden
  • Gandegg
  • Testa 1
  • Cervinia

It is important to point out that not all lifts are open all the time. Most Zermatt hotels will provide you with information regarding which ones are currently open and closed during the time in which you are visiting. There are also multiple lifts that go to the Gornergrat and the Sunnegga – Rothorn areas as well. The ski lifts that you have to choose from when you ski these areas are as follows:

Ski Lifts in the Gornergrat Area

  • Zermatt – Reiffelalp
  • Riffelalp – Riffelberg
  • Riffelberg – Rotenboden
  • Rotenboden – Gornergrat
  • Furi – Riffelberg
  • Riffelberg – Gifthittli
  • Gant – Hohtalli

Ski Lifts in the Sunnegga – Rothorn Area

  • Zermatt – Sunnegga
  • Sunnegga – Blauherd
  • Blauherd – Rothorn
  • Findelbahn
  • Patrullarve
  • Gant – Blauherd

This list of ski lifts will get you anywhere you want to go to ski as long as they are up and running. All you have to do is inquire as to which ones are open during your visit and you can be on your way to where you want to go. It may help to also look at a map of the lifts and pistes so that you can better decide where you want to ski. A good map will also show you where the more difficult runs are and where there are a bit easier ones for those that are beginner or intermediate level skiers. Aside from knowing how to get to the best ski areas, there is little more you have to do in order to enjoy your stay in Zermatt, as you will have no trouble enjoying yourself in this wonderful town. And you will certainly enjoy Zermatt skiing.