The Swiss alpine region is a tourist paradise with beautiful scenic mountains and a host of winter activities that guarantee a perfect holiday for all. The ski resort of Zermatt surpasses every resort worldwide and is a winter wonderland nestled below the imposing Matterhorn, Switzerland’s highest mountain.

The Zermatt resort high up in the Swiss Alps is accessible from all cities in Switzerland through road and rail. With its numerous ski parks open throughout the year, one can plan a vacation at leisure where an n umber of Zermatt hotels and accommodation play host to every budget. Whether one prefers to stay within the vicinity of the famous resorts of the Klein Matterhorn, the glacier paradise or in the village areas, every tourist has a choice of hotels that cater to all wanting a great time.

Zermatt village itself has a whole range of luxury star and budget accommodation where one can have a choice of a Swiss styled chalet as a home for the holiday. Quaint and beautiful hotels such as the welshen are situated away from the noisy village streets. This chalet offers comfortable and serene accommodation ideal for the tourist wanting an atmosphere of peace and quiet among the scenic beauty of the Alps. Close to the ski lifts, the hotel is just a few minutes away from the rail station of Gomergratt. In the five and four-star category are choices such as mount Cervin palace, Alex lodge Mont Rosa boutique hotel and Christiana hotels and spa to name a few.

Luxury and Budget Hotels Making Affordable Holidays

Five star hotels offer premium and sophisticated accommodation and facilities that will spoil one to the extent of always wanting more. Rooms and suites with balconies overlooking the mountains, heated swimming pools, a wide buffet spread and sumptuous dinner menu. Personalized services and assistance for making arrangements for all outdoor activities

Luxury chalets such as the chalet Shalimar, Hornli and Shwarzsee offer attractive prices ranging from 1000 to 1049$ per person for 7 nights accommodation. Every chalet comes with its own spa and large suite Dupleix suites with lovely views of the Matterhorn. Budgeted 3 star hotels like the alpine royal Swiss quality hotel are cheaper at 675 per person.

The ski resort is open year round where holidaymakers are spoilt for a choice of season. The summer is ideal for the adventurous explorer with a range of outdoor activities such as paragliding and whitewater rafting making it an exciting vacation. Hotels usually offer a number of services with help in arrangements for outdoor activities.

Winter is the most preferred season for all tourists when the thick and permanent blanket of snow make it an ideal setting for skiing and snowboarding a variety of snow ramps suited for snowboarding and skiing is truly an experience to remember. Every hotel comes equipped with expert advice and help desk guiding you I the social and fun activities of the resorts. Zermatt hotels are your home away from home making your winter vacation a truly enjoyable experience.