So, you want to go skiing for the first time or the 1000th time, and you want it to be THE destination for skiing?  Well, Zermatt Switzerland is the place to go, folks! They say it is one of the top destinations for skiers, but we say it is THE TOP place in all of Switzerland, Europe, the WORLD! 

Zermatt Ski Info

There is 200 km of perfect ski piste, connecting 3 different areas with a guarantee there will snow anytime of the year you go. It is here where you will find not only scenic beauty of the Matterhorn in all its majesty, but there are gourmet restaurants, unique shops, and the best lodging. Zermatt hotels are known around the world to be the best, none of them are lacking in accommodations or in views. 

Because most of the lodging and shopping are all around the River Vispa, it is easy to get around Zermatt. In fact, most visitors and residents get around on bikes or walking. The ski lifts aren’t close together, so check ahead of your visit for hotels that offer a ski-in and ski-out feature, but if you have to leave your hotel to get to a ski lift, they aren’t far and you can rent your ski equipment when you get there.

Hotels and Other Lodging Options

From five-star luxury Zermatt hotels to traditional lodges or artsy and unique, there is lodging for every budget, every preference. Even you desire to lodge in the most distant-feeling, extravagant hotel, that is only accessible by mountain train, or maybe you prefer convenience over seclusion. There are several Zermatt hotels to choose from.  Here is just a sample of the lodging you can expect to find in Zermatt Switzerland:

Mont Cervin Palace

A 5-star rating that offers all the big hotel conveniences and luxuries you could need or want and is in the center of Zermatt. With a wide range of accommodations from a single person, couples, and family apartments. When you arrive at the train station, a staff member from Mont Cervin Palace will meet you with a horse-driven carriage, not the typical taxi other lodgings use. The views of the Matterhorn are breathtaking and visible from all over Mont Cervin Palace property.

The Omnia

Besides the Mont Cervin Palace, another 5-star lodging sits on a rock and offers one of the best views of the Matterhorn and yet still close to main street. Enjoy the view as you travel there by ski lift and enjoy the silence of the tunnel before reaching The Omnia. A modern, sleek, and cozy high-class restaurant will offer you some of the finest dining in Zermatt.


The Cervo is one of the few hotels in Zermatt that offers ski-in and ski-out services for ski lifts. A charming and unpretentious interior welcomes you to the six chalets that have 36 rooms and a beautiful view of the Matterhorn offers a great place to have a lunch of Italian or modern international foods.  

Most importantly to know is that Zermatt is a beautiful place for skiing or simply to visit. If skiing and outdoor winter sports aren’t for you, many of the hotels and other lodgings have fireplaces in the lobby where you can sit, read, and simply enjoy the views. And when it comes to the partaking in the après-ski at the end of the day, skier or not, enjoy!