Are you an accomplished mountaineer?  Have you been chafing at the bit, wanting to test your skills by attempting to climb one of the world’s most challenging mountains?  If so, Zermatt would be the logical place for your base of operations.

After all, the world-famous Matterhorn is right there.  But don’t make a hasty decision to try to climb it.  This is a scary, intimidating mountain, to say the least.  Only accomplished mountaineers should tackle it, and even they make their ascents very carefully.  More than a few climbers have died during their efforts to reach the Matterhorn’s summit (500 since the first successful ascent in 1865).

Zermatt, Switzerland is known throughout the world for its superb skiing and other winter sports.  But for those in the know, it’s also one of the premier spots on the planet to embark on a mountain climbing expedition.  The Matterhorn is an iconic, almost perfect pyramid of chiseled rock and the most recognized peak in all of Europe.  Even people who don’t know a thing about mountain climbing recognize the Matterhorn when they see it.

This fabulous mountain stands tall over the village of Zermatt.  If you’re ready to take on this difficult and dangerous challenge, Zermatt hotels are plentiful and come in a wide range of prices.  Choose one of these hotels and you’ll be able to test your mountaineering skills during the day and return to comfort, luxury and excellent service for the night.

People have probably been trying to climb to the very peak of the Matterhorn for hundreds of years.  The first recorded successful ascent to the summit didn’t take place until 1865.  No one knows exactly how many people have tried and failed over the centuries.  But we do know that hundreds if not thousands of climbers have fallen to their deaths during unsuccessful attempts.  You need to be in top physical condition and have finely honed mountaineering skills in order to succeed.

If this all sounds too intimidating (and perhaps it should), you don’t have to climb the Matterhorn to have a great time at Zermatt.  Matterhorn ski slopes are practically right outside the front doors of several Zermatt hotels.  And you can always go for strolls through the village and the nearby Alpine meadows.  The landscapes surrounding Zermatt are just about as pristine as any you’ll ever see.

Zermatt is the primary Matterhorn ski resort, located at the base of this imposing mountain.  Whether you’ll be mountain climbing, skiing, or sightseeing, when it’s time to set up your trip, can help you choose and book your Zermatt accommodation.