Zermatt is gifted with panoramic views of the mountains. It offers skiing activities with longer winter season. Best luxury hotels for comfortable stay in Zermatt include Mont Cervin Palace, Le Petit Cervin, Riffelalp Resort, Grand Hotel Zermatterhof and The Omnia. People are advised to contact the customer care for discounts and availability.

Zermatt in Switzerland is well known for its groundbreaking ski resorts, luxury hotels and pollution free climate. It is a well know place across the world for ski sports in view of longer winter (from November to May) and beautiful mountain ranges. People from across the world throng this town creating huge demand for luxury and budget hotels. People from affluent families look for range of facilities offered at famous luxury Zermatt Hotels. They offer lot of facilities for visitors for comfortable stay.

Facilities offered at Luxury Hotels in Zermatt

Travelers are offered various facilities in luxury hotels for comfortable stay with their loved ones. People, who participate in ski sports and ski activities, usually look for sauna rooms and heated swimming pools. The luxury hotels in Zermatt offer sauna rooms, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spacious baths, high speed Internet access, balcony for panoramic views of mountains, free breakfast, child care facilities, massage / spa centers, luggage storage rooms, spacious cupboards, cafeteria, fitness center, DVD players etc. They will also have access to beaches apart from live music.

Six best luxury hotels in Zermatt include Hotel Monte Rosa, Riffelalp Resort, Le Petit Cervin, Mont Cervin Palace, The Omnia and Grand Hotel Zermatterhof.

Riffelalp Resort

It has five suits, 65 double rooms and two apartments with modern amenities. The 5 star amenities offered in the rooms include DVD player, pay TV, multilingual cable TV, wireless LAN and balcony to offer panoramic views of the adjacent mountains. All the rooms are provided with wooden roof and decorative carpets to offer a cozy ambiance to guests. It allows pets. Guests can enjoy spa, indoor and outdoor pools and fine dining. Room rents vary from CHF 475 to CHF 1890. It allows online booking from the comfort of home or office.

Le Petit Cervin

It is for people, who intend to enjoy great skiing in Zermatt. It is one among the best luxury hotels in Zermatt. It is close to shopping district and situated at 3 hour drive from Geneva Airport and Zurich Airport. It offers breathtaking views of the Mischabel and Matterhorn mountains. It is ideal for modern travelers. Daily room rentals start from CHF 360 per night.

Mont Cervin Palace

It offers lavish hospitality for guests. Daily rentals start from CHF 360 per night. It is situated at just 3 hours’ drive from Zurich Airport. It offers nice dining facilities.

Hotel Monte Rosa

Amenities offered at this classy hotel in Zermatt include outdoor and indoor pool, onsite fine dining, spa, etc. It is one among the best Zermatt Hotels for comfortable stay.