The Matterhorn is no doubt the number one attraction in Zermatt Switzerland, with a few other Swiss Alps mountain peaks following close behind, but the town of Zermatt offers more than just easy access to the Matterhorn. There are plenty of other things in Zermatt that you can choose to see or do, but one thing that is more than just a choice, but rather a necessity, also offers some exciting experiences too. Dining in any foreign place is always an experience and Zermatt offers a lot of options, which translates to a lot of different experiences. In this small ski resort town you will find a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from popular international favorites to simple local flavors. And while you will surely want your dining experiences while you are in Zermatt to consist of variety, it goes without saying that you must also experience the local cuisine as part of your holiday dining. There are many restaurants that serve the local favorites, some right in the town and within easy access to most Zermatt hotels, and some located a little further into the mountains, which offers a very unique dining experience. There are a few of these restaurants in particular, though, that are very popular for the Swiss specialties that they serve.

There are plenty of places to dine in Zermatt that offer Swiss specialties, both in and around town. For the best Swiss cuisine experience during your stay a variety of all different types of restaurants is the way to go, and your dining experience should definitely include a restaurant located in the mountains such as one of these, as this type of variety is what will truly make your stay in Zermatt a memorable experience.