Dining in Zermatt

If you mention Switzerland and food in the same sentence what will automatically come to mind is likely cheese and chocolate, but if it does then that probably means that you have never been to Zermatt Switzerland before. If you had, you would have seen that in the way of unique cuisine Switzerland has plenty more. And even in the small mountain town of Zermatt, home to only around 6,000 people, there is plenty of diversity in regards to cuisine. One thing that doesn’t waver from restaurant to restaurant though is the high quality of the food that they are serving. You may be visiting Zermatt for its amazing skiing, but once you see what kinds of food offerings are available you will realize you have another reason to visit there.

Unusual Main Dishes You Might Want to Try

As with anywhere you go there are going to be signature dishes that are unique to the area, and it just doesn’t make sense not to try some of the local flavors. In fact, this is one of the best things about vacationing overall. One of the things you will want to try during your stay in Zermatt is the much loved “Rosti,” which is a Swiss take on hash browns. You would be amazed at how many different ways this dish can be prepared depending on which restaurant you visit. You will also want to try one of the different types of game meats and fishes that are served in restaurants in Switzerland, such as lamb, calf’s liver, or local trout. Finally, of course you must try a dish or two with cheese in it, or at least a cheese fondue. Switzerland is known for its cheese and there are plenty of restaurants that offer cheese laden specialties for visitors like you.

Things to Eat Besides Your Meal

In addition to great offerings in the way of meals, you may want to try a desert or two. Zermatt is home to a number of restaurants that serve up classic sweet Swiss delights that the country is known for. Whether you want to indulge in a cake buffet or sink your teeth into some of the best chocolate ever to be made, you can find someplace to do that in Zermatt during your stay. You can also find restaurants that offer chocolate specialties throughout the town as well, including delicious chocolate fondues. Trying any of these will make you truly feel like you are on a Swiss vacation while you are staying in Zermatt and enjoying the view of the Matterhorn.

What to Expect in Regards to Atmosphere

The atmosphere in the Zermatt restaurants is far from stuffy, even if you visit one of the more fine dining establishments located downtown. Some of the restaurants are more laid back than others, such as those that feature local music and those that allow you to grill your own food. But no matter where you decide to dine in Zermatt, you will be welcomed as if it’s your home.