Zermatt is a Happening Place in the Evening

There’s no doubt – Zermatt is one of the premier ski resorts on the planet.  It’s so famous for skiing and other winter activities that not everyone knows just how much more Zermatt actually offers.  This little Swiss village has a lot more going for it than you might think!

Take the nightlife, for example.  After an exhilarating day on the slopes, many of Zermatt’s visitors just aren’t ready to retire to their hotel rooms for a calm, quiet evening.  Instead, they’re on vacation and they want their nights to be just as much fun as their days.

As it turns out, little Zermatt won the 2012 World Snow Awards in the “best après-ski” category, beating out several other world-class winter resorts.

Zermatt’s bars, clubs and restaurants start filling up not long after the ski lifts close for the day, in the late afternoon.  After 5 p.m. things really start hopping.

There are quite a few bars, clubs and restaurants for such a small village (Zermatt’s permanent population is under 6,000), but that’s something you’d expect most good ski resorts to offer.  Some are inside Zermatt hotels, while others are in a place called the Vernissage – an area which consists mostly of bars, nightclubs and art galleries, but also has a movie theater.  Getting to any one of these places isn’t hard even though vehicles aren’t allowed in the village – Zermatt is so small that everything’s within walking distance.  The ban on cars and Zermatt’s small size  give visitors two big advantages when they’re out on the town:  it’s easy to walk from one place to another; and you don’t need to worry about being hit by a driver who’s had a few too many to drink.

Being able to walk from one club, bar or restaurant to another is a terrific advantage because each different place has its own “personality.”  Some of Zermatt’s bars have a laid-back atmosphere that’s great for kicking back and relaxing after a long day of skiing.  Others are more energetic, featuring live music or a DJ for dancing.  Different bars, clubs and lounges offer hard rock, cool jazz, blues, disco, and country/western music – there’s something in town for everyone.  If the first place you visit doesn’t suit you, the next one will be different and easy to walk to.   There are even wine bars and a surfer’s cantina.  Who would expect to find that in the heart of the Swiss Alps?

Everyone’s friendly in Zermatt.  Whether you’re looking for pulsating, stylish, entertaining, trendy, or calm and relaxing, Zermatt in the evening is an eclectic, happening place!


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