Zermatt has a mascot – Wolli

If you are traveling to Zermatt with children, you will not want to miss seeing Zermatt’s own mascot – Wolli.  Wolli is a cartoon black-nosed sheep who loves to entertain young children while showing them everything there is to do in Zermatt.  Zermatt is a family-friendly destination that provides activities for all ages.  Young children especially love meeting Wolli at locations throughout Zermatt.  When planning your trip to Zermatt, inquire about Wolli’s partners – – family-friendly service providers (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.) who have met the high standards set by the Swiss Tourism Association to be designated as a Wolli Partner.  You are likely to find Wolli hanging out at these locations greeting families as they enjoy their time in Zermatt.

To get your children excited about visiting Zermatt, you can purchase the book “Wolli on the Matterhorn” for them to read on the trip.  This entertaining children’s book was written by Dan Daniell and illustrated by Martina Friedli.  It follows him on his trip to the Matterhorn and Wolli’s journey back to the house of his shepherd.  In his second book, “Wolli in Wineterland,” your child travels with Wolli on his adventure in Gornergrat.  The books are available in English, French and German and provide a wonderful way to introduce Zermatt to them before they arrive.

When you are in Zermatt, make sure to look for Wolli merchandise for your children to enjoy while in Zermatt.  Wolli handkerchiefs as a cute way to keep the winter sniffles under control while Wolli band-aids keep small injuries from becoming huge problems.  Your children will love singing along with Wolli on his CD while they color pictures of Wolli from his coloring book.  The CD and coloring book are a great to have for down times in between activities in Zermatt.

Last but not least, make sure that you purchase a Wolli cuddly animal for your child to take home.  The plush animal is a great souvenir for children to remind them of their visit to Zermatt.  You can also purchase a postcard autographed by mascot to mail to your child from Zermatt.  This is a great souvenir as it will be postmarked from Zermatt – – a special surprise for your child upon arriving home from Wolli think him or her for allowing him to show them his beautiful home of Zermatt.


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  1. Bert_bright says:

    Zermatt is super expensive but Schlosshotel was a little bit less costly hotel we could find. It was Cheapest in dollars but not in quality. This place is so cute. I am a hotel snob. I won’t camp, I won’t sleep in a rock hard bed, I’m just picky & I want to rest easy while on vacation. This place was great. The rooms are small but there bathroom is not small, not crowded. It’s modern and clean. The beds are European so it’s hard to fit 2 people in each bed. The beds were so comfortable though. The complimentary breakfast makes American continental breakfasts look like crap. This breakfast was huge and plentiful. So many options, I couldn’t believe how great it was for the price. The location is perfection. 100 meters from Zermatt Train Station, easy paced walk to the foot of the Matterhorn. The roof has potted flowers, deck chairs- This place is perfect.

  2. WilliamP says:

    I am glad that I came across this article. My kids will love learning about Wolli and Zermatt. It is great that a ski resort caters to children as well as adults. When traveling with small children, it is often difficult to find activities to keep them interested. Zermatt hotels are great for kids and adults. The attention and service that the hotel staff gives to each guest is amazing. You can trust that each hotel featured on Zermatt Hotels offers the highest level of service so you can enjoy your ski vacation.

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