Zermatt Events in 2013 That Make it Worth Visiting

ZermattIf you are trying to decide whether or not you want to visit Zermatt Switzerland this year but haven’t made the commitment yet, you might decide a little more quickly when you see all of the events taking place in this wonderful Swiss village this year.  Most people go to Zermatt for the world class skiing, if they go during the skiing season, but there are many other reasons to visit Zermatt in addition to hitting the slopes.  Even when events are not taking place there is plenty to see and do in and around the small village, during winter, spring, summer, and fall.  And there is no doubt that some of the most exciting moments you will have will be while attending some of the events that will take place throughout the year. 

While you can learn a lot about the town of Zermatt by visiting places located within the village, such as museums and historical sites, it is the events that really showcase the true nature of the culture of those that live in the town and those from Switzerland in general.  Although some events are related to other cultures, the bulk of them that you will see will be related to Zermatt and/or Swiss culture.  Which ones you get to experience depends on when you visit Zermatt, and if you haven’t decided when you are going yet, then it will pay off in the long run to know what some of the highlights will be in 2013 in regards to events.

Recurring Zermatt Events Worth Attending

There are a number of events that will take place in 2013 that will be on a recurring schedule.  These events are much easier for travelers to plan for because there is a good chance that one or more will be being held during your visit.  Generally such events tend to be held on the same day of the week each time they take place, which makes planning for them even easier when you are planning your trip.  There are a few specifically that will offer you a very special Zermatt experience.

  • Late Night Fondue and Live Music in the Igloo Village – The Igloo Village is the perfect place to get an authentic Swiss experience.  And it is even better when it includes live music and fondue.  There are plenty of opportunities to experience it in 2013.
  • Starlight Dinner in Gornergrat – Being that you have access to the magnificent Swiss Alps you will want to take advantage of them, and what better way to do it then a starlight dinner high up in the mountain peaks.  The dinner in Gornergrat consists of a buffet and spectacular views, and is offered multiple times throughout the year.
  • English Tea Time – Not everything has to be about Switzerland while you are in Zermatt.  A great way to add a little variety is a traditional English tea, which consist of sandwiches, scones, and of course tea.  These events take place regularly during 2013.

The spectacular Swiss Alps may be your main reason for visiting Zermatt, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of Zermatt events like these that are being held in 2013.


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