Zermatt Accommodation Options

When it comes to accommodations in the cities that you visit, it goes without saying that some places simply do not have enough options to choose from.  Many cities throughout the world have any number of hotels to choose from, to be sure, but in most places each of them is just like the next, with very little uniqueness to it.  But this is not so in Zermatt Switzerland, a uniquely beautiful ski town, that has just as unique of accommodations.  The town is not without some typical hotels, but there are definitely options in regards to the style of the hotels you can stay in.  Three types of Zermatt hotels will offer you much more than the typical plain hotel.

  1. Zermatt Luxury Resort Style Hotels – Luxury resorts offer unprecedented service, with all the amenities you could think of.  They tend to be very elegant in style and nature, they tend to have many employees to serve the guests, and they typically have all the extras, such as indoor pools, gyms, and multiple restaurants.  These types of hotels are often usually much more expensive as well.
  2. Zermatt Ski Lodge Style Hotels – Being that Zermatt is such a popular ski town it only makes sense that there would be a number of ski style lodge hotels within the town.  And many of the people who come to Zermatt to ski choose this style of hotel, for a number of reasons.  Ski lodge style hotels cater to those that visit Zermatt specifically for skiing, helping guests access everything they need for a great ski vacation.  Many of them also have a common area with one or more fireplaces where guests can linger during the evening.  A hotel like this simply sets the atmosphere for a ski trip in Zermatt.
  3. Zermatt Spa Style Hotels – Spa style hotels offer a different kind of luxury, one that involves a whole lot of pampering.  Spa hotels usually offer a wide variety of spa treatments, in addition to luxury Zermatt accommodation, and five-start services.  Although there are usually restaurants in spa hotels, they tend to serve much lighter fare than some of the other style hotels, but that does not mean that it is any less delicious, as food in such hotels is usually five-star quality as well.

Even though you are going to Zermatt for the skiing, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your hotel too.  One of these unique styles will surely allow you to do that.

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2 Responses to Zermatt Accommodation Options

  1. TaraClancy says:

    Best Western Alpen Resort Hotel! Best place to stay in Zermatt. Despite being at the edge of town, this is definitely one of the best located hotels in Zermatt with its proximity to the gondola, and the lift up from the final run of the day. The hotel has all the amenities you could want plus an excellent staff who really seems to go out of their way to make sure you have the best stay possible. The rooms are a nice size, very comfortable with spectacular views. Our whole experience was fabulous and we would definitely look to stay here again if and when we returned to Zermatt.

  2. Richard Feinberg says:

    Bristol has a great location and very well run hotel in Zermatt. Wonderful view of the Matterhorn! Very good breakfast! Very good and very convenient ski room! Comfortable beds, very good bathroom with walk in shower. This is one of the best place you can get in Zermatt – near to the cable care, with storage room for ski & boots, healthy and delicious breakfast, warm atmosphere, amazing swimming pool with open air area, very friendly and helpful staff, rooms with spectacular view of Matterhorn and all you need for skiing and pleasure. I definitely fell in love with this hotel

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