Why Zermatt is Such a Popular Destination

ZermattZermatt, located high in the beautiful Swiss Valais at the base of the most iconic mountain in the world (the Matterhorn), is at or near the top of the bucket lists of travelers from throughout the world.  How come this little village has become such a popular destination?

It’s because Zermatt has so much to offer for everyone, young and old, skier or not.  Just because it’s a world-famous ski resort doesn’t mean you have to ski (although its altitude means Zermatt has the longest ski season of any resort in the Alps).  You see, Zermatt is much more than just a ski resort – it’s more accurately described as a mountain resort.  There are plenty of fun activities that don’t involve strapping on a pair of skis.

For one thing, with the Matterhorn and other Alpine peaks as a spectacular backdrop, Zermatt is a great place for families to simply enjoy the natural magnificence of the mountains.  You can wander the narrow village streets and check out some of the shops, restaurants, pubs and cafés.  Cars are banned from the village, but you’re free to take a relaxing ride in one of the colorful horse-drawn sleighs.  And if you feel like being pampered, the on-site spas at several Zermatt hotels will sooth your body and mind.  You’ll find plenty to see and do even if all you do is stay snug and warm in the village.

But maybe you’re more of the outdoorsy type.   Even if you’ve never skied before, lessons are available and you can always try your hand on one of the beginner slopes.

Not interested in skiing?  How about trying some mountain snowshoeing?  It’s the latest craze to hit the Alps, and it’s a popular thing to do in Zermatt.  It’s slower paced than throwing yourself down the slopes on a pair of skis, but it’s every bit as much fun.  People who live in the mountains have used snowshoes for countless centuries as a basic way of getting around.

That’s because snowshoes let you hike through the mountains without sinking into the snow.  Snowshoeing is easy to learn and do, and the gear is inexpensive.  It’s also much safer than skiing down the pistes at 40 or 50 mph, especially for beginners.

On or off the slopes, Zermatt is a great place to be.  And that pretty much sums up why Zermatt is at or near the top of so many travelers’ bucket lists.  It’s easy to get to and it’s easy to book your Zermatt accommodation online.  The popularity of this amazing mountain resort means you can choose from plenty of Zermatt hotels, from rustic but cozy to the ultimate in 5-Star luxury.

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