Where to Book Your Stay in Zermatt

Zermatt HotelsZermatt Switzerland is just among of the best places to visit in the world. With its perfect weather condition, you can enjoy skiing and other fun activities that can be done in the place. And if this place is one of your goals to visit this year, it pays a lot to know where the best hotel to stay in.

Plenty of hotels are available to stay in at Zermatt. From the kind of scenery and ambiance you prefer down to the cost of the accommodation stay, you have wide selection to choose for. And the following are just some of the hotels you can check out at the place.

Hotel Bristol

If you want a good view of the mountains Zermatt has, Hotel Bristol is a perfect hotel to stay in then. Its location is placed in between the train station and the Klein Matterhorn cable car which allows its guests to view Matterhorn perfectly. It comes with 44 super cozy rooms – Standard, Deluxe Double room, and Family rooms which are both perfect for family, friends, and couple outings.

Staying at Hotel Bristol allows you to enjoy its amenities like the spa area and free Wi-Fi which you could connect to internet and share to your friends and colleagues your experience at the place. Furthermore, accessing winter sports facilities and cable cars are easily reached as ski bus stops right in front of the Bristol hotel.

 Unique Hotel Post

Feeling like staying at home even if you are away from home? Then Unique Hotel Post might be the perfect hotel for you to stay. It is in the center of Zermatt which is a 5-minute walk from the train station. It comes with high-quality wood furniture and luxuriously furnished bathrooms which will let you feel home indeed. Some of its rooms can view Matterhorn in a wide array perfectly just like Hotel Bristol has.

You can also take advantage of its amenities such as spa area including a sauna, a steam bath and a hot tub. Should you want to get massaged, booking is also available here. There are bars and clubs available. Every alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage is served and chosen carefully for everyone’s convenience to let them still enjoy the place. Delicious meals and snacks are also served in this place. Italian cuisine is just one of those which served at the Spaghetti and Pizza Factory.

Mont Cervin Palace

If a 5-star kind of stay is what you are looking for, Mont Cervin Palace is a perfect hotel for you then. The hotel was opened around 1851 which is located in the heart of Zermatt which is 320 yards from the train station. Its rooms come with different styles. Most of the guest rooms face south and have a veranda which you can view Matterhorn.

Mont Cervin Palace comes with amenities like its pool, 18,300-ft² wellness, and spa area which you can enjoy. Aside from that, a few of the junior suites and suites have a hot tub and an open fireplace which you and your colleagues could use. Wireless internet is also available in all rooms free of charge. Upon arrival at Zermatt, you get to see the popular photographic motif the Mont Cervin has which is its red horse-drawn carriage.

These three hotels featured are just some of the places you can stay while you are at Zermatt. There are more to see actually. Thus, if Zermatt is on your bucket list for this year, you better check out those hotels available for stay during your visit. You can check more hotels available and have your choice of stay booked only at Zermatt Hotels for faster and guaranteed service.


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