What to Expect in Zermatt – A Ski Town With Access to the Matterhorn

ZermattRegardless of how much you prepare to arrive in the beautiful little ski town of Zermatt you will still be overwhelmed with awe when you get there.  When people plan their trip Zermatt they expect to see beautiful scenery, by all means, after all it is a ski town and it is within viewing distance of the Matterhorn.  But what many people do not realize before they get to Zermatt is how special the town itself is.  Throughout Zermatt you will find cobbled streets, and old, well-kept barns and chalets.  Not to mention the difference you will feel in the air, because in Zermatt vehicles run on batteries rather than fuel.  In this small town of just over 5000 people you will find both pride and humility, and for good reason.

To be sure, the number one thing to see in Zermatt is definitely the Matterhorn, but there is so much more to see in the town itself.  Zermatt is home to many great restaurants and shops where you can buy everything from watches to clothing to jewelry.  And there are a number of exciting events that take place in Zermatt throughout the year.  Of course, you will also have to make time for the Matterhorn Museum, as this is where you can discover all of the Matterhorn’s history.  A trip to Zermatt, though, must include some outdoor activities.

If you visit Zermatt during the summer there is still plenty to do, even though many travelers tend to think of it as a place to visit during the winter.  Hiking is extremely popular in Zermatt too, and can be done during the warmer months or during the winter with snowshoes.  There are also bike trails and fishing areas than can be enjoyed in the summer months too.  If you really want to experience Zermatt, though, you might consider a unique excursion, of which there are a few.  You can have a campfire in the mountains, go on a cheese making tour, go for a ride on the Glacier Express, or even visit the Glacier Palace, a one of a kind attraction for sure.

Although your first reasons for visiting Zermatt will likely be to see the Matterhorn and to go skiing, you cannot ignore the rest of what the village has to offer.  Enjoying all that the village is will allow you to truly get a taste of Zermatt and ultimately Switzerland.

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