What to do if you lose your belongings during your Switzerland vacation

ZermattTraveling outside of the country is exciting – – visiting another country to experience another culture is a dream come true for many travelers.  Visitors to Zermatt Switzerland will never forget their first Matterhorn ski vacation.  However, for those who lose their luggage, purses, wallets or other items it can quickly become a nightmare.  Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes but the main thing to remember is not to panic.  Panicking will only make it more difficult to think straight and take actions to correct the problem.  It is not your fault, accidents happen to everyone.  By staying calm and taking the right steps, you can usually recover quickly and go on to enjoy your vacation. 

The first step is to ask for help.  Contact the management at your Zermatt hotel and ask whom you need to contact to file a police report.  They can also help you arrange an appointment with the embassy to replace your travel documents and passport.  Filing a police report is necessary in order to file an insurance report to cover any loses you may incur.  It will also mean that if a Good Samaritan happens to turn in your lost luggage or purse, the police will be able to get in touch with you quicker to return your items.

Hopefully, you have photocopies of your travel documents, debit and credit cards and any prescriptions that you may have had in your luggage or purse.  Begin by canceling your credit cards and debit cards to stop any fraudulent transactions.  Ask the company how you can get a replacement card or obtain cash from the account to last until you get back home.  Refill any prescriptions that you need and replace any travel items that were lost.  If needed, rearrange travel plans to allow for the time you need to file the police report, replace documents and take care of any other business before moving on to your next destination.  Most hotels, rental agencies and travel companies make exceptions to cancellation policies in the case of theft, loss or accidents beyond your control.

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