What to Bring With You on Your Trip to Zermatt

ZermattZermatt is a terrific holiday or vacation destination during any time of the year.  The views of the Matterhorn are nothing short of amazing, and the Gornergrat is less than three miles away.  We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of the Matterhorn, but the Gornergrat may be a little less familiar-sounding.  Suffice it to say that the Gornergrat’s a pretty spectacular place in its own right.  That’s why it’s been the top Swiss travel destination for over a hundred years.

The skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and other winter sports at Zermatt are unparalleled, and the village itself is charming and picturesque.  Zermatt is a terrific travel destination, and congratulations are in order if you’ve decided to go there.  But you might be wondering what sorts of things you should pack for your trip.

Here’s the good news:  Zermatt might be a tiny, isolated Alpine village (its full-time population is less than 6,000), but it’s so centered around travel and tourism that it’s likely to have anything you forget to bring with you – with two big exceptions we’ll mention in a minute.

At least some of the Zermatt hotels – especially the 5-Star, luxury variety – are likely to offer shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and limited types of clothing for sale.  The shops that are scattered throughout the village’s pedestrianized streets can cover your needs for those items as well as skiing, hiking or snowboarding gear, après-ski wear, jackets, coats, caps and hats, gloves, shirts, sweaters, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes and boots.  So, you don’t need to worry too much if you leave for Zermatt from hot, sunny Florida and you forget to bring your coat.  That being said, it’s important to try to remember to pack these types of items because you might pay a premium if you’re forced to buy them when you arrive at Zermatt.

If Zermatt hotels and shops have such a comprehensive set of items for sale, what is essential to bring with you?

Two things:  your passport and (if you’re taking any) a supply of your prescription medications that will last for the duration of your trip (add enough for a couple of extra days to be on the safe side in case your trip home is delayed for some reason).  You won’t be able to even leave your home country without a valid passport and an entry visa from Switzerland, if applicable.  And if you forget to bring your medicine but for some reason have your prescription with you, you’re not likely to be able to get it filled unless it’s from a licensed Swiss physician.  So, the two things you must never forget to bring on your trip to Zermatt are your passport and any prescription medications you might be taking at the time.  Other than that, the hotels and shops in Zermatt will have you covered.

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