What Makes Zermatt a Good Place to Visit?

ZermattWhether you are going on a trip for a summer vacation or winter, among the places you can enjoy your stay regardless of the weather, you can have it done at Zermatt, Switzerland. This place offers several activities and events that you and your family could enjoy even if what weather you plan to step a foot at the place.

May you be with your friends, colleagues, or with your family, this place is perfect for all of you. With this article, you will be able to know what makes Zermatt a good place to visit indeed.

There are good reasons as to why a certain place is definitely a perfect place for an excursion. Zermatt has it too. May it be summer or winter, you can still do several activities here. From the outdoor activities down to indoor ones, you can really spend your time enough during your stay.


It’s one of the seasons of the year. If you miss the chance to go at Zermatt during winter, that is not a bad news at all. You can still do a lot of activities during summer which you can still enjoy together with your loved ones. To give you idea, the following are the things you can do and you should never miss.

Summer Activities

One of the best things to do in staying to a place for a short period of time is trying all the possible activities it offers. From indoors to outdoor activities, such should never be missed indeed. And Zermatt, not just for winter season, has something for you as well.

Sorts of activities can be done during this season at Zermatt. To start it off, it includes hiking, mountain biking, summer skiing, mountain and rock climbing, and paragliding. And yes, all of these activities are available during the summer at Zermatt which you can try. Furthermore, sports like volleyball and golf are also available. Thus, you can really assure yourself that visiting the place will all be worth it.

If you are a fan of skating too, Zermatt has a special place for you and that is the Zermatt Skatepark. The place is open for all ages as long as you are a skating enthusiast whether you are a teen or on your mid 40s, the place is open for you! And for the whole family, Forest Fun Park is also available. You can let your kids enjoy the park with its swing, trees to climb, and so much more.

Summer Views

The place itself is also one of the reasons what makes Zermatt an interesting place indeed. With its great views of mountains and peaks, you can definitely embrace the beauty of nature at its best.

Winter Activities

If you want to experience skiing at its best, visiting Zermatt during winter is the perfect time for you instead. This season offers great winter activities that surely will give you the best memories you are looking for to the place.

Winter activities include skiing and snowboarding, which are very common to such place; ice skating too is also available here. Apart from that, sleigh riding, snowshoeing, curling, snow hiking, and cycling even if the winter falls can also be done here. Paragliding is also one of the activities available that you can try even if it is winter. Thus, there is no reason for you to doubt of including on your list Zermatt as one of the places to visit this year.

Exciting Events

One of the best things to expect at Zermatt is the events and festivals celebrated annually. Among the events and festivals done yearly are Swatch Skiers Cup- Yearly Intercontinental Showdown which will take place this month and Zermatt Unplugged Music Festival for the month of April. These are just some of the things to expect this year here.

There are a lot of things to expect at Zermatt particularly if you are new to the place. Further than what activities aforementioned in this article, sure that there are more things to know the moment you visit the place. That also applies to the events that will be held during your stay. Thus, you can expect for more and better things by the time you step a foot in here.

Aside from those events and activities the place has, they got also several of beautiful and interesting hotel accommodations that you can stay in. Check us out for more details about hotels and we will help you in booking it too.


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