Unique Winter Experiences in Zermatt

Zermatt Switzerland is one of the favorite places to go to ski during the winter, but there are plenty of other experiences to have while you are in Zermatt as well.  If you go for the skiing specifically you can enjoy a number of unique winter experiences in Zermatt during your off time, and if you are not a skiing and are trying to find a reason to visit this whimsical Swiss village, these unique experiences are an excellent reason. 

Winter time in Zermatt is not just a season filled with exciting activities, but a season that is seen as a bit romantic in these parts of the world as well.  For this reason, some of the most unique experiences you can have there are characterized by that sense of romanticism.  And while there are a number of unique experiences to choose from, there are a couple that are particularly unique and romantic.

  • Moonlight Skiing – Even if you do not go to Zermatt specifically for the most loved winter activity there, which is no doubt skiing, there is a ski experience that you can have that anybody can appreciate.  Moonlight skiing is a romantically unique experience and there are few places in the world where you can experience this.  There are two separate areas in Zermatt at which there are moonlit ski runs, which include the Gornergrat and the Rothorn areas.  Those that want to experience them will be guided along the way, and they will get to enjoy a delicious cheese fondue snack before heading out on a moonlit ski adventure.  The combined experience is one that you will always remember.
  • The Igloo Village – Another unique and quite amazing experience that you can have while in Zermatt Switzerland is taking a trip to the Igloo Village.  Most people have never seen anything like this before, and when you do it will be something that you want to experience.  Not only does the Igloo Village have a bar and a restaurant, but also has igloos available to rent out like hotel rooms as well.  And if that’s not enough, there are even hot tubs dug out from the ice.  This is a one of a kind village that has basically everything that any other village has, and seeing it will not be something you will ever forget.

Zermatt itself is enough of a reason to visit but unique experiences like these make a trip there even more worth it.

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