Top 8 Destinations in Zermatt

MatterhornZermatt is a popular place among tourists from all over the world. In fact, millions of tourists come to this town located in Switzerland every year. If you are thinking of spending your vacation in this beautiful town, there are particular destinations which you should not miss while you are there. So before going there, make a list of the places you should see so that your vacation will be fun and complete. Here are the top 8 destinations in Zermatt:

1)    The Matterhorn: This mountain, with an altitude of 4,478 meters, is very famous all over the world. Most, if not all, fans of skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering dream of visiting this place. You can reach its top either through the trail or by cable car. The view on your way up, or from the summit itself is just so stunning.

2)    Gornergrat Bahn: Because it is surrounded by 29 mountains, many hikes start from this place. There is a train which goes to the top on a regular schedule. The rate is a bit expensive but you will definitely enjoy the view of the Swiss Alps.

3)    Zermatt-Matterhorn Ski Resort: This is a perfect place, a one-of-a-kind, for skiing and snowboarding anytime of the year because of 365 days of snow.

4)    Rothorn Paradise: Make sure you stay at least half of the day for this place. You can reach this place by taking the funicular express going to Sunnega. From Sunnega, ride the gondola and cable car to Rothorn.

5)    Matterhorn Museum: It is also important to know the history of each place one goes for vacation. You will definitely discover fun facts about the Matterhorn when you visit this museum.

6)    Mountaineers’ Cemetery: Here lie the remains of the mountaineers who lost their lives during their attempt at reaching the peak of Matterhorn almost a century ago. This will be a very informative yet moving experience.

7)    Vernissage: This is a very cool bar, cafe and a movie theater all at the same time – only in Zermatt! If you are in the vicinity, you should definitely stop by. It serves great food and drinks, and shows great movies too. Staffs are very friendly and efficient.

8)    Pollux: This is one of the finest mountains that Zermatt has. It is great to climb this mountain on any day, except during heavy snow. When you get there, you will find a restaurant. Try their traditional food – it will suit your taste, definitely because it is deliciously perfect for the place’s climate.

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