Tips for renting Zermatt vacation homes

Zermatt vacation homesEven though we recommend the best Zermatt hotels for your Swiss ski vacation, we also know that sometimes you want the same comforts that you can get at home while on your vacation.  Renting a vacation home in Zermatt Switzerland is the perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and great Zermatt skiing conditions while still having the same comfort and amenities as when you are home.  Zermatt ski resort has several great vacation rentals at are perfect for families or large groups searching for a Zermatt accommodation that is more like home than a hotel. For first time renters, it is a good idea to keep the following tips in mind for renting a vacation home.

Book your vacation home through a reputable site such as Zermatt Hotels to decrease the chance of being taken in by a scam.  You should also read the reviews because previous guests are more likely to give an accurate review over the homeowner or the listing agent.  You can also request to speak to the homeowner, when possible, to ask questions.  Homeowners usually have knowledge of the surrounding area and can answer questions you may have about location and amenities while offering recommendations and helpful tips.  Before you pay, call to confirm the details of the reservation and payment arrangements.  Pay with a credit card to help protect yourself in case of fraud.  Finally, get the name of an on-site contact in case of problems and get all of the rental rules in writing, in advance, including check-in/out times, cancellations policies, housekeeping services, etc.

In order to save money on Zermatt vacation rental, book as early as possible.  The best rentals go first so begin searching as soon as possible and make your reservations quickly.  If your vacation dates are flexible, you may be able to save money by adjusting your arrival and/or departure date by even a day or two.  Consider destinations that are off the beaten path as they are less expensive as are properties that are a little farther away from the center of town.  Always check for specials and any last-minute deals before booking on the off chance you may find a great travel deal.

Finally, remember that every vacation rental is different. Never assume anything and always ask if you are in doubt.  For example, some vacation rentals may allow pets while others will not.  Some may have internet but it may not be wireless.  Cancellation policies will differ and most vacation rentals require a deposit for damages in addition to having the balance paid in full before arrival.

Zermatt vacation homes are a great alternative to Zermatt hotels for anyone wanting that home-away-from-home experience!

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