Three Things You Didn’t Know About Zermatt

ZermattZermatt Switzerland is no doubt a beautiful place to visit, with its view of the Matterhorn and the rest of the Swiss Alps and its lovely little Swiss village, but there is more that makes Zermatt worth visiting than just the spectacular scenery.  To be sure, a pretty large percentage of the people who visit Zermatt do so because they want to ski the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn, but many of those individuals get there and find out that there is certainly much to be enjoyed about the lovely little town.  Most of all people tend to enjoy the uniqueness of Zermatt, as it is a town like very few others in the world.  There are three unique things about Zermatt in particular that you might want to know before you go there, just so you are not completely surprised by the wonderful uniqueness of the town.1.    No Vehicles Allowed – The most important thing to know about Zermatt Switzerland before going is that there are absolutely no vehicles allowed in the town.  Like some other towns and cities in Switzerland, vehicles have been banned in order to protect the beauty and peacefulness of the environment.  After all, Switzerland is known for its breathtaking scenery and natural surroundings.

2.    Touring is Done by Mule Ride – Being that no vehicles are allowed in the town of Zermatt, there are only a limited number of ways for tourists to get around.  Of course skis are a popular form of “transportation” in the mountains, but right in the town the preferred method of transportation for both tourists and locals alike tends to be the mule.  That’s right, try that out for a unique form of transportation.  Mule rides are available to take tourists all around the town, and you can bet that this is a ride you will not likely soon forget.

3.    There Are Only a Few Ways to Get to Zermatt – It is important to handle your transportation to Zermatt before arriving, since you cannot rent a car and drive it there, at least not right into town anyway.  You can however have a car drop you off just outside of town and walk in, or you can do what most visitors and locals do and take a train right into town.  Whatever you decide to do, you will want to decide before arriving in Switzerland.

Zermatt Switzerland is a great place to visit, both because of the beauty that surrounds it and because it is simply unique.  Other that knowing these few things about Zermatt, all you have to know is how to appreciate and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that you will see when you visit there.

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