The Klein Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

When most people plan a trip to Zermatt they are sure to add the Matterhorn to their list of things to see while they are there, as this is by far the most famous peak in the Swiss Alps.  Few people realize, though, how magnificent the sight of the Klein Matterhorn is as well, and end up missing it during their stay.  And when they miss this great mountain peak they also miss out on a sight in Zermatt that is much more unique than those you are used to seeing in places with breathtaking views of mountain peaks. 

The Klein Matterhorn is not just a mountain peak but one that is connected to another great peak by a glacier, and although the glacier that sits between Klein Matterhorn and Breithorn looks like any other glacier, it definitely is not.  On the outside the glacier could be any other glacier you would see in any other Alpine mountain area, but it is on the inside that it differs significantly, because on the inside this very typical looking glacier turns into a glacier paradise.

The Klein Matterhorn stands 3300 meters high, and although the glacier does not stand quite as high, there is much more room in there than you would expect there to be.  There is so much room, in fact, that visitors can go in and walk around inside the glacier.  This may not seem like anything special upon initially hearing about it, but you have to see it to believe how amazing it really is.

Inside the Glacier Paradise you will find sculptures all along the walkways and throughout the various rooms of the “ice grotto.”  And to make the beauty of it stand out even more the glacier is equipped with neon lights that make for a fantastic blue, green, and pink light show on the walls of the huge cavern.  If the once in a lifetime opportunity to see such a breathtaking natural wonder is not enough, visitors can tour the Glacier Paradise on Fridays and get a special treat.  There is chilled Valaisan wine served on Fridays, and you can be sure it will be a different kind of “chilled” than what you are used to.  This and the romance of the scenery make for a perfect Zermatt Friday night date.

Seeing the Matterhorn while in Zermatt is a must, to be sure, but this is a sight you do not want to miss out on either.

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