The Best Way to See the Matterhorn

MatterhornIf you are not quite sure that you want to go on a Matterhorn ski adventure but you definitely want to see the Matterhorn then your best view will be afforded from the wonderful Swiss village of Zermatt.  There are plenty of Zermatt hotels with magnificent views of the Matterhorn but the best views, of course, are the ones that you get when you are even closer to the Matterhorn.  This is why so many people take a ski lift up the mountain, because the views are so much better, but there is another way to get up the mountain that does not require you to come back down on a pair of skis.  Gornergrat Bahn is a scenic railroad that takes you up and down the Swiss Alps, and you can hop aboard this fantastic train right in the town of Zermatt.  The Gornergrat Bahn leaves and returns at multiple times throughout the day, so no matter when you find time you can take this adventurous train ride.  And there are three reasons in particular to see the Matterhorn in this particular way.

1.    You Can Enjoy a Good Meal on the Train – If the view of the Matterhorn alone is not reason enough to take a ride on the Gornergrat Bahn then how about the fact that you can make a day of it and even enjoy a good meal or two on the train, as well as a drink.  The train serves both breakfast and dinner and a range of drinks for your tasting pleasure.

2.    There is So Much More Scenery to See – In addition to getting a great view of the Matterhorn you will also get to see a lot of other beautiful scenery while you are aboard the Gornergrat Bahn as well.  There are plenty of pristine mountain sides, valleys, and other natural surroundings as far as the eye can see.

3.    Great Souvenirs to Take Home With You – Finally, if you are looking for some great souvenirs to bring home with you then you can definitely find them aboard the Gornergrat Bahn.  There are souvenirs both that have to do with the train itself, as well as the biggest attraction along the way, the Matterhorn.

There are a few different options for seeing the Matterhorn, but the best option allows you to see even more of Zermatt than you would expect to see.  So board the Gornergrat Bahn and see the Matterhorn in the best way that you can see it.

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  1. lovetotravel12 says:

    We took this train trip and aside from the Swiss Food Festival this was the highlight of one of our trips to Zermatt. We go to Zermatt a lot to ski but sometimes we go during the warmer months so we can enjoy some of the other great stuff that Zermatt has to offer. The food is one of the best things about visiting Switzerland for sure and on the train ride you get the best of that world and a great vantage point from which to see the Matterhorn and the town of Zermatt.

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