The Superior Hotel Alpenhof – a luxury hotel in Hintertux

Originally opened as a B&B, the Hotel Alpenhof has a rich history of superb service.  Franz and Luise Dengg began the Alpenhof as a B&B in 1934.  Along the way, the small B&B transformed in a hotel as more and more guests returned for the relaxation, superb service and breathtaking views.  In 2006, Gabi and Klaus Dengg made the decision to renovate the hotel into a new, modern hotel with all the luxuries and features that world travelers have come to expend from superior hotels.  Old and new guests are thrilled with the new hotel from its fine dining rooms to the luxury suites.  One visit to the Hotel Alpenhof will convince you that you have chosen the best hotel for your Hintertux vacation – – the one and only superior hotel located in Hintertux. Continue reading

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Quick Guide to Zermatt Hotels

Zermatt hotels

Zermatt isn’t a very big place, but you’d never know it from all the hotels there.  Let’s just say it has more than its share – a lot more than a village of less than 6,000 people would normally have. But then, Zermatt isn’t a normal place.  It’s a charming little Alpine village with some of the most magnificent views in the world, not to mention world-class skiing and other winter sports. Continue reading

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Zermatt has a mascot – Wolli

If you are traveling to Zermatt with children, you will not want to miss seeing Zermatt’s own mascot – Wolli.  Wolli is a cartoon black-nosed sheep who loves to entertain young children while showing them everything there is to do in Zermatt.  Zermatt is a family-friendly destination that provides activities for all ages.  Young children especially love meeting Wolli at locations throughout Zermatt.  When planning your trip to Zermatt, inquire about Wolli’s partners – – family-friendly service providers (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.) who have met the high standards set by the Swiss Tourism Association to be designated as a Wolli Partner.  You are likely to find Wolli hanging out at these locations greeting families as they enjoy their time in Zermatt. Continue reading

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