Discover the Beauty of Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt SwitzerlandOne of the most beautiful places on earth to visit for vacation is Zermatt Switzerland. This amazing country offers some of the most spectacular and majestic views that can be seen anywhere on earth. There are many hotels – directly in the city of Zermatt – that offer all the amenities you could possibly want while on vacation.

While in Zermatt, enjoy the many wonderful festivities and sights. Depending on what season you are visiting, there are a variety of interesting and exciting things to do. Zermatt is basically a small town and there are not too many people living in it. But it is a bustling town of action with tourists and visitors. It is a top tourist attraction itself and when there are festivals and activities going on, it is an even more delightful place to be. Continue reading

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Reasons why we love Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt SwitzerlandZermatt is located at the foot of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland.  Its location, in the center of 38 peaks towering over 3,800 meters, makes Zermatt one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe.  As a small alpine village of about 8,000 inhabitants, Zermatt hosts more than 30,000 guests during the peak winter ski season.  Skiers from around the world love Zermatt Switzerland as do other winter sports enthusiasts such as snow boarders, ice skaters and mountain climbers.  However, winter is not the only time Zermatt is filled with tourists.  The summer months are a busy time as travelers from around the world descend on this alpine paradise to enjoy summer sports such as river rafting, hiking, mountain biking and paragliding.  Zermatt Switzerland has a lot to offer as a premier European ski resort.  If we had to choose our favorite reasons why we love Zermatt we would have to begin with its most famous “face” – – the Matterhorn. Continue reading

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The peaks of Zermatt, Switzerland

ZermattWelcome to the most popular and the most famous of all European ski resorts – Zermatt!  Zermatt lies near the border of Italy in the Valais canton of Switzerland.  The main attraction, if you had to limit Zermatt to only one, would be the great and mighty Matterhorn.  Zermatt sits at the feet of this impressive mountain and the once little alpine village has grown to be a world-class ski and health resort due to its location, climate and culture.  From skiing and snowboarding to mountain climbing and hiking, Zermatt has an endless supply of both winter and summer activities to delight everyone who decides to vacation in this Swiss Alps village each year.  Continue reading

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