Three Things You Didn’t Know About Zermatt

ZermattZermatt Switzerland is no doubt a beautiful place to visit, with its view of the Matterhorn and the rest of the Swiss Alps and its lovely little Swiss village, but there is more that makes Zermatt worth visiting than just the spectacular scenery.  To be sure, a pretty large percentage of the people who visit Zermatt do so because they want to ski the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn, but many of those individuals get there and find out that there is certainly much to be enjoyed about the lovely little town.  Most of all people tend to enjoy the uniqueness of Zermatt, as it is a town like very few others in the world.  There are three unique things about Zermatt in particular that you might want to know before you go there, just so you are not completely surprised by the wonderful uniqueness of the town. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Zermatt Vacation

Zermatt VacationSki and snow has a home in Zermatt Switzerland. This ski and snow town has received numerous plaudits from those who have had some memorable moments here. All the hype that comes with this Swiss town is truly justified given how much it has on offer. The main reason for the popularity of this town stems from its contribution towards skiing and other snow sports. This is in both professional levels and for leisure. The town has some of the finest snow for numerous snow sporting events. Its tag as a world class snow sport resort is justified by the numerous professionals who train here and the ski events it plays host to.

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Top 8 Destinations in Zermatt

MatterhornZermatt is a popular place among tourists from all over the world. In fact, millions of tourists come to this town located in Switzerland every year. If you are thinking of spending your vacation in this beautiful town, there are particular destinations which you should not miss while you are there. So before going there, make a list of the places you should see so that your vacation will be fun and complete. Here are the top 8 destinations in Zermatt:

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