Three Winter Activities Other Than Skiing to Do While in Zermatt

Zermatt SwitzerlandZermatt Switzerland is one of the most loved ski destinations in the world, and the world-class skiing brings in thousands of tourists every year, but skiing isn’t the only winter activity you have the opportunity of enjoying when you are visiting Zermatt.  Many people who don’t ski don’t even consider visiting Zermatt because they don’t realize that there is so much more to do.  But if they realized that skiing is not the only reason to visit the home of the Matterhorn then they would be much more likely to change their minds.  There are three other winter activities that many visitors find that they enjoy. Continue reading

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A Holiday Zermatt Vacation

Zermatt VacationThere are many reasons to love Zermatt Switzerland, and Switzerland in general for sure, and you can visit any time of year and still have a wonderful time.  But there is something special about visiting foreign places during the holiday season that makes Christmas time a particularly wonderful time to visit the town.  Not to mention, Switzerland is known for their festive celebrations to begin with so you can only imagine what Christmas must be like, even if their main celebration actually takes place on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day.  Even though Christmas Day is not technically celebrated as a tradition, there is still plenty to enjoy in Zermatt during the Christmas season, three things in particular. Continue reading

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Zermatt Attractions – Matterhorn Ski

Matterhorn SkiOther than the Swiss Alps, cheese and chocolate will definitely be the things that will get you thinking of Switzerland. This is until the point where you hear of Zermatt. This charismatic ski resort town has all it takes to make any adventurer pack their bags. The high tourist ratings that Switzerland enjoys do come from the simple fact that the towns like Zermatt play a pivotal role in it all. Among the other towns in Switzerland, Zermatt stands out. The popularity of this town stems from the fact that it is unique in all it offers. Continue reading

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