Getting Around Zermatt

If you are planning a visit to Zermatt then you have likely already learned a lot about the town, as most people do before they visit somewhere.  And if you have done your research about Zermatt then you probably already know that there are no combustion engine cars allowed in the town.  Many people wonder how they will get around the town, or even more they wonder how they will even get there.  But neither are really something that you have to worry about.  As far as getting there goes, most people get to Zermatt by train.  There is the option of getting dropped off at the town’s edge as well though.  What is not an option, though, is driving a car into the town, as this will afford you nothing more than a fairly hefty fine for not following the rules.  You are much better off taking the train and then finding alternative transportation to get you to where you want to go once you are there.  And there are a few different options for getting around Zermatt once you get there, as there may not be cars that run on gasoline, but there is transportation in the town, to be sure. Continue reading

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The Zermatt Frenzy

MatterhornThe mention of Switzerland is no doubt the world’s leading ski destination. There is no doubt as to the skiing ability of this country given the fact that it is endowed with plenty of fascinating ski resort towns and spots. Zermatt is one of those places that one will never want to skip a chance to visit when they are in the Swiss Alps. Though there are equally fascinating places to visit, Zermatt offer a unique experience to any visitor. The Matterhorn experience is one of the most tantalizing one within the menu. The Matterhorn will provide you with a skiing experience that is comparable to no other. Continue reading

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Ski Experience in Zermatt

Zermatt skiIf you are visiting the Swiss town of Zermatt it is likely mostly for one reason.  Thousands of people visit Zermatt every year for the world-class skiing, and of course to see the Matterhorn.  The town itself, and the people who call it home, go out of their way to make it easy for winter sport lovers to come enjoy the magnificent Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn.  But nature will also play a role in your Zermatt skiing experience as well, and since you can’t decide what nature does or change it, you will want to at least keep up on how it is affecting the ski areas while you are there. Continue reading

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