Other Outdoor Zermatt Adventures

The beautiful Swiss village of Zermatt is well-known for the fantastic skiing that it offers, but while skiing is what put it on the map, this is not the only reason to visit this great village.  To be sure, many of the thousands of visitors that flock to Zermatt every year surely do so because of the skiing, but there are also visitors that head to Zermatt for other adventures as well.  Those who haven’t considered making a trip during warmer months for this reason are seriously missing out on a number of other unique adventures to be had outside. Continue reading

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How to Make Your Stay in Zermatt an Authentic Swiss Vacation

MatterhornWhen most people travel some place they want to experience what it feels like to live in that location.  They want to experience the culture, the food, the traditions, and everything else that might make a particular country or city what it is, whatever else might define that particular place.  In some places this is much easier than in others, but regardless of where you go, with a little bit of effort, this can be done. Continue reading

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Why visit to Zermatt Switzerland

ZermattZermatt is a lovely town of Switzerland located in the canton of Valais which can be found in the Visp District. The town can be found lying in the shadow of the Matterhorn Mountain which towers high above the valley. It is one of the beautiful car free towns of Switzerland. There are airports surrounding the city, but buses and trains can reach the city center  There is no need to worry as you can easily travel around the town by foot, in horse drawn carriages, electric powered trolley buses or electric taxis. These transports provide Zermatt a pollution free environment for preserves the beauty of the surrounding countryside. The town of Zermatt is fundamentally an outdoor tourist destination that welcomes many thousands of visitors every year and greets tourists all year round. It is mostly renowned for its outdoor adventures. Continue reading

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