Zermatt is a Happening Place in the Evening

There’s no doubt – Zermatt is one of the premier ski resorts on the planet.  It’s so famous for skiing and other winter activities that not everyone knows just how much more Zermatt actually offers.  This little Swiss village has a lot more going for it than you might think!

Take the nightlife, for example.  After an exhilarating day on the slopes, many of Zermatt’s visitors just aren’t ready to retire to their hotel rooms for a calm, quiet evening.  Instead, they’re on vacation and they want their nights to be just as much fun as their days. Continue reading

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Cool Places to Stay in Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt HotelsWhether your goal to take in the sights, spend some time shopping, or enjoy the skiing and other outdoor sports, you will never be bored in Zermatt Switzerland. However, before you even set foot in the country, you should have a place to stay, especially during the winter months when the tourist season is in high swing.

There are a number of thing to look for in a Zermatt hotel, including its location (it should be close to the slopes, if that’s your goal) and its amenities. Some hotels offer everything from free Wi-Fi to meals, while others come complete with saunas and sun rooms. Here are three worth checking into. Continue reading

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Images of Zermatt

Most people would agree that Zermatt is one of those places that evoke an almost instant set of visual images.  It’s like Hawaii, for example:  when people hear that word, most of them visualize lovely ladies wearing grass skirts and dancing a hula, long stretches of sparkling sandy beaches, surfing, volcanoes and Diamond Head.

In Zermatt’s case, it’s skiing, seas of pristine white snow, Alpine glaciers, and beautiful views of the majestic Matterhorn.  It just makes sense for people to conjure up an image of the Matterhorn when they think about Zermatt:  the Matterhorn probably is the most famous peak in all the Alps, and Zermatt is nestled in at its base.  Continue reading

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