Other Outdoor Zermatt Adventures

The beautiful Swiss village of Zermatt is well-known for the fantastic skiing that it offers, but while skiing is what put it on the map, this is not the only reason to visit this great village.  To be sure, many of the thousands of visitors that flock to Zermatt every year surely do so because of the skiing, but there are also visitors that head to Zermatt for other adventures as well.  Those who haven’t considered making a trip during warmer months for this reason are seriously missing out on a number of other unique adventures to be had outside.

The magnificent Swiss Alps that serve as the breathtaking backdrop of the town of Zermatt no doubt make for great skiing, but those mountains make for many great adventures.  And if you do decide to visit Zermatt during the warmer months there are a few adventures that you should consider trying, as they will offer you unique experiences that will always be left in your mind.

  • Mountain Biking – Mountain biking is something that people of almost any fitness level can do, because the terrain varies throughout the areas in which you can go mountain biking.  This is a great way to see the forests and other areas around the mountains during the warmer months.  Mountain bike rentals are offered right in town, and you can also find out from these shops where the best mountain biking areas are.
  • Kickbiking – Kickbiking is a newer adventure activity being offered in Zermatt, and it is a bit different from mountain biking.  Kickbikes are more like scooters than regular bikes, so they give the user a little bit more control, but it also takes a little more energy to use them.  While some of the same areas can be toured on kickbikes as can be on mountain bikes, there are areas that these will not reach that mountain bikes will.
  • Paragliding – Paragliding in Zermatt is about as adventurous as it gets, and offers the best views of the magnificent Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn too.  Those that wish to paraglide will want to take lessons before doing so, but it will be well worth your time and money.  The 30 minute flight in the air offers a one of a kind perspective of the entire area.

Zermatt may get most of it tourist traffic because of the skiing, but there are other Zermatt adventures to be had in this great town too.

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