Must-See Places in Zermatt

ZermattIf you don’t feel like skiing and just want to tour around Zermatt, there are a lot of places you can go and visit. If you are having a vacation with your whole family, there are places you can go that offer activities your whole family can enjoy. If you also love to shop or spend your night bar-hopping, you will surely enjoy your stay in Zermatt.

Alpine Museum

Alpine Museum is located in Mont Cervin Hotel in Zermatt. You can find a huge and remarkable display of their home-grown flora and fauna as well as the history of the mountains of Zermatt. If you also want to know about well-known adventurers and their historical climb, you can all find them here. There are also geological presentations of ancient discoveries and mining.

Kinderparadies Zermatt

Situated at the heart of Zermatt, Kinderparadies is a place where you can bring your kids to have fun. There are a lot of activities for your kids from three months and above. They have a huge entertainment area where your kids can enjoy arts and crafts. They also offer outdoor activities such as snowman building and sledding. However, you must book ahead of time because this place is usually full, especially on peak seasons.

Shops In Zermatt

There are a lot of awesome shops in Zermatt where you can buy the latest and high-end ski equipment, accessories and designer clothing. There are also a wide variety of rental stores for tourists who want to hire skis, winter gears and snowboards.

Saint Peter’s Church

Saint Peter’s Church is a remarkable Christian church which was built in 1870. It is not just an ordinary Christian church, but it also holds a lot of memorials of those adventurers who have fallen and died as they climbed the mountains of Zermatt. It also has a high clock tower.

Vernissage Vermatt

In the heart of Vermatt, there’s an awesome and one-of-a-kind Vernissage place which stages multiple concerts and shows. You will also find a little art gallery boasting the designs of the local artists of Vermatt. And, if you love nightlife, you may want to try their popular bars and nightclub. They also have a restaurant which serves a variety of international cuisines.

Snowly Snow Club

If you want your kids to know how to ski at an early age, you may want to try Snowly Snow Club. They offer ski lessons for children ages 6 up to 12. They also provide daycare and entertainment for kids ages 6 and below. Before you fly to Vermatt, make sure to book ahead of time to be able to secure a slot, especially on peak seasons.

There are still a lot of places you can visit in your tour to Zermatt. Make sure to prepare your itinerary ahead of time so that you can make the most out of your trip.

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