How to Make Your Stay in Zermatt an Authentic Swiss Vacation

MatterhornWhen most people travel some place they want to experience what it feels like to live in that location.  They want to experience the culture, the food, the traditions, and everything else that might make a particular country or city what it is, whatever else might define that particular place.  In some places this is much easier than in others, but regardless of where you go, with a little bit of effort, this can be done.

When it comes to really experiencing a place for what it is, it is best to steer away from the very touristy areas.  In fact, it is the smaller towns and villages in a country that will be more characterized by the true nature of the culture.  In Switzerland one of those small towns is the town of Zermatt.

Zermatt is located at the base of the Swiss Alps, and even more importantly, the almighty Matterhorn.  The Matterhorn is one of the most well-known mountain peaks in all of the world, and the view of the Swiss Alps makes for a typical yet magnificent backdrop for the lovely little Swiss town.  When you see it there will be no doubt you are in Switzerland.  But the Swiss Alps is not all you want to make you remember that you are in Switzerland.  Fortunately, there are a few other ways to make your stay feel like an authentic Swiss vacation as well.

  • Stay in a Swiss Chalet – The chalet is synonymous with Switzerland and if a stay in a Swiss chalet is possible you should definitely revel in the experience.  The type of architecture that is used to design these building is nothing if not quaint, and it is seen throughout Switzerland, including in Zermatt.
  • Learn How Swiss Cheese is Made – Cheese plays a major role in Swiss eating and it is most often made from a very small farm that deals locally.  Many of these farms will allow visitors to watch how the delicious cheeses are made, and even let them try some.
  • Dine on Some Delicious Swiss Cuisine – Finally, one way that is always a good way to get to know a culture is through their food.  Dining on a variety of Swiss specialties will enhance the authentic feeling of your vacation tremendously.

You will have no doubt that you are in Switzerland when you arrive in Zermatt, but if you try these they will greatly enhance the sense of authenticity.

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