How to choose the best Zermatt hotels

Zermatt hotelsIf you have never visited Switzerland, you may be wondering how to choose the best Zermatt accommodation for your Matterhorn ski vacation.  There are several Zermatt ski resorts and hotels to choose from; however, based upon your needs one may be better for you than another.  Deciding how to choose the best hotel begins with knowing what you need in a hotel.

The first thing to consider is why you are traveling. Business travelers will have different needs than those traveling to Zermatt on vacation.  If you are traveling on business, you will likely want a room with a small worktable, internet service and a hotel that has a business center onsite.  However, vacation travelers will often seek a hotel that has an indoor/outdoor pool, great restaurant, onsite entertainment options and rooms with a view.

Are you traveling as a couple or as a family? Couples usually seek hotels that are private, quiet and have luxurious rooms and spa facilities.  However, families are more interested in family-friendly hotels with children’s menus, indoor pools, cribs, babysitting services and larger rooms.  Knowing what amenities are most important to you (i.e. laundry facilities, room service, etc.) will help you decide which hotel is best for your stay in Zermatt.

Guest ratings are a good way to judge whether you are choosing a good hotel.  Travel web sites often have areas where travelers can rate hotels and give short reviews about their stay at the hotel.  This is an excellent way to discover tidbits about the hotel that it may not necessarily put on its website.  Read through guest reviews to get a more fair and accurate picture of the hotel you are considering.

Your budget is probably the most important consideration when searching for the right hotel for your travel plans.  While you want to find a great travel deal on discount hotel rooms, you do not want to find yourself stuck in a small room with a hard bed on the wrong side of town (by the way, Zermatt does not have a “wrong” side).  Consider the hotel’s location when checking on the room rates.  Hotels closer to main attractions will often have higher rates; however, it also saves you money on local travel expenses so the room rate may even out in the long run.  Sometimes paying a little extra for a hotel room makes the difference in a good vacation and a great vacation.

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