Heading to Zermatt? Check Out These Festivals.

Zermatt FestivalBreath-taking scenery, world-class skiing, amazing trails, renown restaurants – there is no shortage of things to do and see when you head to Zermatt, a town tucked away in the famed Swiss Alps at the foot of the Matterhorn.

In case you need some extra incentives to visit this unique village, here are some details about Zermatt’s seasonal festivals.

Horu Trophy Zermatt: Who doesn’t love some good curling? Here you can see it at the largest open-air tournament in Europe.  The 21st Horu Trophy Zermatt will be held from January 17-20, 2013. The sport, sometimes called “chess on ice,” became an official Olympic sport in 1998. It involves a granite stone, a couple of brooms and long sheet of ice.

Mountain Marathon Zermatt-Rothorn:  This marathon is no running race! It’s a ski tour race that happens every February.

Zermatt Unplugged: This will be the sixth edition of the acoustic festival – which features 45 concerts over five days on nine stages. The 33 of those concerts on the New Talent Stage are free! While the lineup hasn’t yet been released for the 2013 festival, held April 9-13, expect some great acts. Last year’s lineup included Chris de Burgh, Amy Macdonald and Lauryn Hill.

Raiffeisen Open: One of the largest tennis tournaments in Switzerland, this competition started in 1980 and has grown in size and stature ever since. Winners of the tournament take home nearly $40,000 in prize money.

Zermatt Marathon: Here’s the foot race! Every July runners take off from St. Niklaus, head into Zermatt and onto Riffelberg – more than 26 miles running up a mountain (and runners think the Boston Marathon’s Heartbreak Hill is a tough climb.) Don’t worry, you don’t have to run the race to be part of the fun. There’s plenty of room for spectators.

Matterhorn Eagle-Cup: Golf enthusiasts who’ve wondered what it is like to play on a mountain top shouldn’t miss the 22nd edition of this competition on July 27, 2013. It’s played on a completely natural, nine-hole course. Though the competition is limited to club members, it’s still an interesting event to watch.

Swiss Food Festival: Come with a large appetite to this August festival, which takes place over three days. Highlights include a cow slow-roasted on a spit in the middle of town and a small street fair populated with booths offering mouth-watering treats.

Folklore Festival: Watch Swiss culture and music come alive at this annual parade every August. More than 1,000 people will sing, dance and strut their way through the picturesque town.

Zermatt Festival: If you love classical and chamber music, this late August-early September festival is the one for you. From renowned orchestras to talented soloists, some of the most beautiful music in world will be played in this ideal setting.

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  1. lovetotravel12 says:

    A lot of people think that the only thing to do in Zermatt Switzerland is ski and participate in other winter sports but that is definitely not the case. There may not be a lot to do as far as attractions in the town but when it comes to festivals there is plenty to do in Zermatt. I have been to the lovely Swiss village a number of times, during all different seasons. Every time we go there seems to be a festival going on. And festivals are great because you actually get to enjoy the local culture of the community. Festivals are worth the trip alone.

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