Getting Around Zermatt

If you are planning a visit to Zermatt then you have likely already learned a lot about the town, as most people do before they visit somewhere.  And if you have done your research about Zermatt then you probably already know that there are no combustion engine cars allowed in the town.  Many people wonder how they will get around the town, or even more they wonder how they will even get there.  But neither are really something that you have to worry about.  As far as getting there goes, most people get to Zermatt by train.  There is the option of getting dropped off at the town’s edge as well though.  What is not an option, though, is driving a car into the town, as this will afford you nothing more than a fairly hefty fine for not following the rules.  You are much better off taking the train and then finding alternative transportation to get you to where you want to go once you are there.  And there are a few different options for getting around Zermatt once you get there, as there may not be cars that run on gasoline, but there is transportation in the town, to be sure.

Getting Around by Foot

Zermatt is a considerably small town, so it is not that difficult to get to where you want to go by foot.  This is particularly true if you choose a Zermatt accommodation out of one of the many Zermatt hotels that are right in the center of the town.  If you do you will be close to pretty much everything, including a number of ski lifts.

Getting Around by Bus

There are a few electric buses that run through the town as well, so these can be used to get around during the daytime hours.  Bus stops are conveniently located so that visitors do not have to go far from their Zermatt accommodation to catch one.  The only thing with the buses is that they are difficult to ride if you already have your ski equipment on, so this is something to consider.

Getting Around by Taxi

Taxis are also available in Zermatt, but keep in mind that there are not many.  The taxis that you will find here run on battery, which is why they are allowed in the town.  Many of these are run by area resort hotels, and will have no problem picking you up from the train but you should definitely plan ahead.

You may not be able to drive your car into Zermatt but that doesn’t mean there will not be transportation available when you get there.  Between these three possibilities you will have no trouble getting around.

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