A Holiday Zermatt Vacation

Zermatt VacationThere are many reasons to love Zermatt Switzerland, and Switzerland in general for sure, and you can visit any time of year and still have a wonderful time.  But there is something special about visiting foreign places during the holiday season that makes Christmas time a particularly wonderful time to visit the town.  Not to mention, Switzerland is known for their festive celebrations to begin with so you can only imagine what Christmas must be like, even if their main celebration actually takes place on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day.  Even though Christmas Day is not technically celebrated as a tradition, there is still plenty to enjoy in Zermatt during the Christmas season, three things in particular.

The Christmas Eve Meal

In Switzerland the traditional Christmas dinner is served on Christmas Eve, as the holiday technically starts at dusk on this day.  The dinner is just as festive and fancy as any Christmas Day dinner that you might expect, but it is simply served the day before some people are used to having their main holiday meal.  Some Zermatt hotels will have their restaurants serve Christmas Day dinner as well, though, in order to cater to holiday guests of all cultures.  But to be sure, the Christmas Eve dinner is the most important, and you will surely enjoy it.

The Winter Wonderland Surroundings

One of the best things about visiting Zermatt during the holiday season is the breathtaking winter wonderland that you will be surrounded by.  Nothing can get you into the Christmas spirit more than the twinkle of beautiful multi-colored lights reflecting off of the glistening snow.  Everywhere you look you will be reminded of what time of year it is, and why you decided to spend it in Zermatt Switzerland.

The Beautiful Churches Holding Midnight Mass

Finally, if you wish to have the religious element in your holiday vacation, you will be happy to find that there are a couple of beautiful churches that hold midnight mass on Christmas.  There are also churches that hold Christmas Eve services as well, for those that wish to experience the Swiss cultural traditions involving Christmas.  Either way, you will surely find what you are looking for in this lovely town.

Not everybody enjoys travelling away from home for the holidays, but for those that do Zermatt Vacation is the perfect Christmas destination.  You definitely will not forget that it is the holiday season while you are there.

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