After a Day of World-Class Skiing or Snowboarding

ZermattYou’d probably be exhilarated but tired after a day of some of the best skiing or snowboarding in the world. Wouldn’t it feel great to kick back and relax in front of a warm, cozy fire? Picture it in your mind – you can feel the warmth of the fire seeping into your cold, tired body, you can hear the wood crackling and popping as it burns, you can smell the wonderful fragrance of the wood as it’s being consumed by flames, you can feel your body relaxing while you’re lounging in a comfy, cozy chair, and you can enjoy the firelight’s warm glow.

You can relax in front of a fire like that in a lot of places. Many resort hotels, fine restaurants, pubs and country clubs all over the world feature at least one fireplace for their patrons to enjoy. But not many of those places also offer some of the world’s top-rated skiing and snowboarding. When you’re talking about winter sports at that level, you’re talking about rarified company. The names of these places reverberate in the hearts and minds of skiers everywhere, and include Telluride, Aspen and Vail in Colorado, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sun Valley, Idaho, Whistler, British Columbia, Chamonix, France, Cortina and Courmayeur in Italy, Kitzbühel, Austria and maybe a few others.

The skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports at Zermatt, Switzerland are every bit as good as at those places mentioned above, so you might be wondering why Zermatt didn’t make it onto that list. It’s only because Zermatt deserves to be singled out for its additional benefits.

The proprietors of many Zermatt hotels go out of their way to ensure that their guests have the best après-ski experience possible. Many of the hotels in Zermatt are owned and operated by local families, and they add their personal touch to après-ski in this charming, quaint little place. Hotels in Zermatt aren’t cold and impersonal – even the most luxurious are friendly, warm, cozy, comfortable and relaxing.

This little ski village (the town’s full-time population is only around 6,000) offers world-class winter sports, amazing views, friendly people and an abundance of hotels in every price range. Depending on your budget and the level of amenities you want, you can book a room in a luxurious 5-Star hotel like the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, a 4-Star bed and breakfast like the chic, trendy Coeur des Alpes, or a 3-Star hotel like the Alpen Resort, a family favorite that’s known for its friendly staff and extensive children’s play area.

With all it has to offer, can you think of a better place to spend a winter ski vacation than Zermatt, Switzerland? If you can, it must be an amazing place!

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